From the Vice President

I hope you all had a fantastic summer!  This cooler weather recently has reminded us that fall is fast approaching, and with it our interest seems to increase in our  fish.  I won’t say that my fish went on vacation this summer, but they certainly were in places they’ve never tread before.


We’re kicking off our fall schedule with John Krepper as our speaker this month.  John’s biography appears later in this newsletter.  You don’t want to miss him.


I’ve also included an article reprinted with permission from, concerning legislation that is trying to significantly impact the marine aquarium hobby.  Take a gander at it and let me know what you think.


Finally, I threw in a cichlid crossword puzzle for your brain exercise.  The answers are found in the Forums section with the Newsletter.




Presidents June Message

To kick-off the summer right the RMCA has teamed up with the Colorado Aquarium Society for two evenings (6/6 CAS meeting and 6/8 RMCA meeting) of presentations from Juan Camilo Damelines.  I had the pleasure of meeting Juan at the 2013 ACA convention Banquet and I’m sure that we are all in for a couple of fun and informative presentations.  Please see the newsletter for details.

As we head into the summer break I would also like to remind everyone that even though we don’t have a regular monthly meeting in July or August the club will be hosting a summer picnic on July 26th. We are in the process of finalizing the time and the location so please keep an eye on your inbox and the RMCA website for more information.

For anyone interested in volunteering to help out at the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (i.e. MACNA) there is information contained in this month’s newsletter on who to contact.

Lastly, please remember to be safe this summer and don’t forget about your wet pets.

See at the June meeting.


President’s May Message

Move over winter, spring has arrived!   As if the tulips, lilacs and  warmer weather weren’t enough to signal the onset of spring.   The   arrival of Tadpoles and new shipments of Koi at the local nursery is a sure sign that spring has sprung. One of the websites that I visited on the internet defined spring as “a season of growth”.  I think that this concept of growth applies to the current state of the RMCA.


We have seen our Bi-annual Auctions grow to the point that record numbers of items are being offered for sale.   As a result the Board has voted to make some changes to the auction rules to reduce the total number of items that a single member can sell.  The details of the changes are talked about later in this newsletter


Speaking of the Board Meeting … the Board also voted to spend $300 on a redesign of the RMCA website.  The intent of this investment is to   develop the RMCA website into a more user friendly experience.   The Board members would like to get the website to the point where it is easy for users to navigate, find information and to participate in        discussion forums.   I would like to see the discussion forums on the website grow to the point where there is a consistent stream of active and fresh conversations happening throughout the year.


Lastly, I can’t help but think of the growth contest fish (Cryptoheros panamensis) that is due back this month.   I’ve also heard that there will be a new growth contest fish available on the May meeting.


See at the May meeting.





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