September 13 Meeting – UPDATE

Exciting news!!!


In addition to all of the things already planned for our September meeting we would like to announce the following:


  • This month’s raffle will include items with a total combined value of approximately $75
  • We are bringing in an order of rare Cichlids for the mini-auction*


*Keep an eye on our website, Facebook Page and your email inbox for list of fish that have been ordered

RMCA Presents Dave Hale – September 13, 2015 6:00 P.M.


David Hale has been in the hobby for over 37 years and in the aquarium/pet business for 24 years retail, breeder/wholesale and aquarium service. Dave will be flying in from Ohio, where he runs his LFS business Something Fishy, Inc.
“I like most tropical fishes but always loved the cichlid group the most. My travels have been to Australia Great barrier reef, SA amazon river and Malawi Africa.” -Dave
Dave has done Fish Collecting in Peru, and also some beautiful Diving in Lake Malawi. Dave will be sharing with us, what its like to sell cichlids in a full retail environment, as well as his travels, and experiences with diving in Lake Malawi.

In addition to Dave’s presentation the following activities taking place:
* MIni-Auction
* Bowl show. To View Bowl Show Categories for this month, go to the link below.

Bowl show setup begins at 5:30 P.M. and the formal meeting starts at 6:00 P.M.

We hope to see you all there!

Colorado Academy
3800 South Pierce Street
Denver, CO 80235

Growth Contest Time! – Tomorrow 6/7/2015

Growth Contest Time! Every couple months we provide our Members with a fun game called a Growth Contest, where we bring in and sell some fry/juveniles basically at cost. Every time we hold a Growth Contest, we rotate the type of cichlid it is. Members who win in the Growth Contest get “Auction Dollars” Which get rewarded at the time of our big Auctions. Become a Member! Membership is only $15 for a Year! Memberships help fund these little events.

Tomorrow will be a Central American, and it will be Thorichthys maculipinnis “Red Aureum” A.K.A. “Elioti” A rarer Thoricthys in the hobby. With good water quality and high quality, varied food this species is capable of attaining 7 inches in length. This fish is not only beautiful, but is only Mildly Aggressive for a Central American!
This Growth Contest will cost about $2.00 each plus freight divided up into each fish. We usually bring in about 100 fry/juveniles. If 10 people raise their hand for entering the contest, each member will buy a bag of 10 fish. Or if 20 people raise their hand to enter, each person will buy a bag of 5 fish.

(The last Growth Contest was the Victorian Zebra Obliquidens, and they are Due back at the Meeting!)

Growth Contest Rules:
1. Fish are NOT to be traded in, or resold to pet stores or online at anytime before the contest is due back!
2. This is a Members Only event.
3. It only takes 1 fish to win out of the bag lot you get. Who Ever Raises the BIGGEST ONE WINS!

Happy Growing!

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