Fall Auction This Saturday!!!! (10/25) 10:00 A.M.

2014 - Fall Auction
The Fall Cichlid Auction is October 25th at the First Plymouth Congregational Church

Please Note that we will be starting at 10:00 A. M.

3501 S Colorado Blvd
Englewood, CO 80113
Get there BEFORE 10am if you are selling fish. Auction starts at 10am.
To sell fish at the auction, or preview items listed by the sellers you need to make an account, and register your fish at mygroupauctions.com
Hope to see you all on Saturday!

Monthly Meeting October 12, 2014


Meeting This Sunday the 12th!

Our own Adam Delohery, former student of the Oaks School, will be sharing his experience from his recent trip to Lake Malawi! Lets all show this awesome guy some love and support! There will also be a Mini Auction, Pot Luck, Door Prizes, and the Bowl Show.

Our Meetings are a Great place to talk fish, check out cichlids, and just have a good time being with people with the same fishy interests as you!

Just a friendly reminder that we have moved our meetings to the Colorado Academy
3800 South Pierce Street
Denver, CO 80235

Bowl Show Set Up, 5:30pm to 6pm
Meeting starts at 6pm

Bowl Show chart is at the link below.


The Fall 2014 Auction just around the corner.


The RMCA Fall 2014 auction is just around the corner. A copy or the Fall Auction Flyer is available HERE. Please feel free to print off a few copies of the flyer to give to your friends and/or post in your favorite local fish store.  The Fall Auction will be setup on the MyGroupAuctions website soon so please check back often.



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