The RMCA Proudly presents David Ramsey – Sunday May 17th, 6:00 P.M.


The Light on the Darkside! by David Ramsey
I have for years kept a variety of soft water fish. I moved heavily into apistogrammas and other soft water cichlids. But boredom eventually creeps in. Time for something new. Tme for a challenge. But dare I? The darkside? They are about the only fish I have not kept. The first ones came from out of town. I smuggled them in. I told no one. My secret. Then they spawned, in front of the camera. And they are bigger than my other fish. I can actually see them! The love affair is growing. This talk is on that evolving trip into the world of the Rift Lake cichlids. Coming from a killifish person, this is sure to give you some chuckles. My successful breeding list of these fish is growing rapidly.

David Ramsey lives NE of Atlanta, GA with his wife, 2 dogs and fish. Lots of fish. Fish keeping started in ernest a really long time ago with guppies and a pair of Aphyosemion australe. Those australes started the long term love affair with killies. Over the years he has raised killies, bettas, angels, gouramis, cichlids, and many others. His current interest are soft water ciclids, the different catfishes and anything unusual. Even with 80+ tanks there is never enough room. Right now, cichlids are everywhere, dominating the tanks. He is an member of most of the national organizations. He is a past contributor to the AKA JAKA magazine, and is the editor of the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association ‘Fish Talk’ newsletter. He has many popular videos of live foods and fish on His talks are based around videos of fish behavior, especially courting, spawning and raising fry. Many nights and weekends are spent with the camera and camcorder in hand waiting for the magical fish moments. His other passion is growing live foods and testing the different prepared foods on his fish. His talks are designed to be both fun and informative.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Mother’s Day holiday our May meeting will occur on the 3rd Sunday in May (5/17/2015) instead of the usual 2nd Sunday of the month.

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