Potluck and Mini-Auction this Sunday (Jan. 11, 2015)

Pot-luck and Mini-Auction this Sunday (January 11, 2015) 6:00 P.M.

In the previous post we highlighted our guest of honor, Kevin Thurston, who will be giving a presentation on his recent trip to South America and the many interesting fish he encountered.

As an added bonus we will also be having a pot-luck and min-auction.  All types of fish (not just cichlids) are allowed at our monthly mini-auctions as well as plants and dry goods.  If you are like me and you are running out of aquarium space in the fish room, here is an opportunity to free up some tank space and put some money it your pocket at the same time.

Might I also suggest that in honor of the Bronco’s Play-off game that we have a “tailgate” themed pot-luck this month? –Go Broncos!!!

Anyway, I encourage you all to bag up those extra fish/plants/dry goods, prepare your favorite tailgate dish and join us for Kevin’s presentation.

{See previous email or our website (rmcichlid.org) for date/time and location details}



Monthly Meeting – January 11, 2015

REMINDER: The Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association November meeting is this Sunday January 11 at the Colorado Academy. Bowl show setup starts at 5:30 P.M. and the meeting starts at 6:00 P.M.

This month Kevin Thurston will be on hand to share his experience collecting fish in South America. As many of you know Kevin has spent countless hours helping auction fish at our semi-annual auctions. What you may not know is that Kevin has a vast knowledge of fish/fish keeping which he has shared through numerous articles that can be found on the web and in past copies of the Colorado Aquarium Society newsletters. I’m sure that Kevin’s presentation will be both informative and entertaining.

In addition to Kevin’s presentation we will have the usual pot-luck, bowl show and mini auction.  I encourage everyone to bring something for the pot-luck and a bag of fish or plants for the mini auction.

Lastly, the RMCA is seeking a help with the newsletter and the website.  If you are even remotely interested in helping create the monthly newsletter or administer the club website please talk to me or one of the other board members. We desperately need the help…Thanks,

Bowl Show Categories for this month’s meeting are:

LAKE MALAWI – GROUP 1—HAPLOCHROMINES—Alticorpus, Aristochromis, Buccochromis, Caprichromis, Champsochromis, Chilotilapia, Copadichromis, Cyrtocara, Dimidochromis, Exochochromis, Fossorochromis, Lethrinops, Lichnochromis, Mylochromis, Nimbochromis, Otopharynx, Placidichromis, Protomelas, Rhamphochromis, Scieanochromis, Serranochromis, Stigmatochromis, Taeniolethrinops, Tramitichromis, Trematocranus, Tyrannochromis.

LAKE TANGANYIKA – GROUP 1—CYPRICHROMIS, GOBIES, AND OTHER TANGANYIKA—Asprotilapia, Astatotilapia (A. burtoni, A, paludinosa, A. stappersi), Baileychromis, Bathybates, Boulengerochromis, Callochromis, Cardiopharynx, Ctenochromis, Cyprichromis, Ectodus, Enantiopus, Eretmodus, Gnathochromis, Grammatotria, Greenwoodochromis, Haplotaxodon, Hemibates, Interochromis, Lestradea, Limnochromis, Limnotilapia, Lobochilotes, Microdontochromis, Oreochromis (O. karomo, O. malagarasi, O. niloticus, O. tanganicae), Paracyprichromis, Perissodus, Plecodus, Pseudosimochromis, Reganochromis, Simochromis, Spathodus, Tangachromis, Tanganicodus, Telotrematocara, Trematocara, Trematochromis, Triglachromis, Tylochromis, Xenochromis, Xenotilapia.

OTHER AFRICAN/ASIAN CICHLIDS – GROUP 1—VICTORIA BASIN CICHLIDS—Allochromis, Astatoreochromis, Astatotilapia, (A. aenocolor, A. latifasciata, A. nubila), Enterochromis, Haplochromis (not H. burtoni), Haplotilapia, Harpagochromis, Labrochromis, Lipochromis, Lithochromis, Mbipia, Neochromis, Oreochromis (O. esculentus, O. mossambicus, O. niloticus, O. variabilis), Paralabidochromis, Platytaeniodus, Prognathochromis, Psammochromis, Pseudocrenilabrus (not P. nicholsi), Ptyochromis, Pundamilia, Pyxichromis, Xystichromis, Yssichromis.

NEW WORLD CICHLIDS – GROUP 1—CENTRAL AMERICAN CICHLIDS—Amatitlania, Amphilophus (not A. festae), Archocentrus, Astatheros, Cichlasoma (not C. dimerus), Cryptoheros, exCichlasoma, Herichthys, Herotilapia, Hypsophrys, Nandopsis, Neetroplus, Parachromis, Paraneetroplus, Paratheraps, Petenia, Rocio, Theraps, Thorichthys, Tomocichla, Vieja



FINAL REMINDER: The 2014 Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association Annual Holiday Party is this Saturday (12/13/2014).

Denver, Colorado

FINAL REMINDER: The 2014 Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association Annual Holiday Party is this Saturday (12/13/2014).  Please remember to RSVP to Corey by the end of the day on Wednesday if you plan to attend.


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The 2014 Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association annual Holiday Party is being held is being held on Saturday December 13th @ 4:00 P.M. at the home of Corey and Kaylie Theis.  The address is 263 County Road 17, Brighton CO  80603.   The party is open to current RMCA members and their guests.  The club is providing the main dish and we ask that you bring either a side dish or dessert.  We will also be doing our White Elephant gift exchange.  Gifts should be limited to $15 or less, preferably having a fish theme.

If you would like to attend please RSVP with the number of guests attending and what you intend to bring (either a side or dessert) to Corey at  cptice30@yahoo.com or 720-732-6506.

The party will be a great time!  So come join us and celebrate the year.

Terry Havelka

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