President’s April Message

This month I would like to start off by saying THANK YOU.  Thank you to those that attended the Spring Auction … especially those of you who stayed till the very end.  Thank you for your patience as we worked through the kinks of the new online auction system.  Thank you to the sellers that entered your items online early.  And thank you to the many volunteers that helped make the auction a  success. Without volunteers like you we would not be able to hold such an event twice a year!  Despite the fact that the auction ran well into the early evening hours there were no major issues with the new system and the auction was a success.  With that being said, I have talked to a number of members/board members and we feel that we can tweak things and make our auctions even better.   This will be one of the topics discussed at the next board meeting (April 24th).


Lastly, I want to remind everyone about the BAP program. Bob has challenged every one of us to compete with him for Breeder of the year.  He has even stated that he will forfeit the first 200 BAP points that he earns.  Corey and I have updated the BAP Spawn report in an effort to make it easier to fill out.  Download the new form from the website and turn in  your completed spawn reports to Corey.


That’s it for this month…


2014 RMCA Spring Auction

We’re preparing for the Spring Auction, which is March 8th at the First Plymouth Congregational Church.  We have a few changes in store for you, so be prepared!

First, the biggest change we’ll see if the move to use MyGroupAuctions to conduct the auction.  We used it at the 2013 ACA Convention, and overall it went well!  You will need to register either to buy or sell at the auction.  If you have registered on MyGroupAuctions with the RMCA in the past (i.e. the ACA Convention) you don’t have to do it again.  We believe you will find the program easy to use.  Go to to start your process.  If you’re unsure if you have registered or not, please contact Kevin Fehringer at

You will need to register to buy or sell.  We will have a computer available to register at the auction, but we would appreciate it if you can do it before-hand so we don’t have a bottle-neck.  After your have listed your items for sale on the website, we will print out the water-proof labels to place on your bags at the auction in the morning of the auction.  You no longer have to make out your own labels at home or print out a seller’s sheet

We will be conducting a training session during our February meeting on MyGroupAuctions.  Please plan on attending this meeting and getting a head start on your entries!  Due to the poor Internet connectivity we get in our normal meeting room, this meeting will be held at Colorado Academy.  Their address is 3800 South Pierce Street, Denver, CO  80235.  Thank you to Jesse Schumacher and his staff for making this available to us!

Here’s a few pointers I’d like to share with you to help us succeed in having a great auction!

  • We had a record number of items for sale at our Fall Auction!  Thank you for trusting us to sell your fish and dry goods!  However, that success is a double-edged sword.  This extended the auction later into the evening than we usually like to go.  Please be judicious with how many bags you bring.  We appreciate trying to maximize your profit (we sell our stuff there too!), but please be courteous to everyone.
  • Number of bags – You may bring up to five bags of any one species.  We saw some instances of more than five bags at this auction.  Please bag accordingly.
  • Size of fish – Our auction rules specify a minimum size of 3/4 inch on fry, unless it is a species that runs very small, such as a shell dweller.  Even then, a half inch or more is highly recommended.  Bidders will perceive higher value, which equals a greater return for the seller.
  • Bagging guidelines – Our auction rules provide some direction here, with double bagging or 3 mil bags recommended.  Presentation is everything, and if you really want to create value for your fish, a good bagging job can go a long way, not to mention keeping the fish more comfortable and healthy.  Using bigger bags can help you get a better air/water ratio and allows for easier tying.
  • TAGS – Remember ALL tags will be printed out at the auction so that you can place them on your bags.  This will help with consistency and making the labels easy to read for the auctioneer.  Full scientific and common names are encouraged.  Using MyGroupAuctions allows you to give a larger field to describe your item, and allows you to choose the picture your want projected on the screen.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact any board member and we’ll be happy to give assistance.

Holiday Message

The holiday season is here finally!  I just wanted to post a quick message, that regardless how you choose to celebrate, that we wish you the merriest of holidays!  Be safe, have fun, and enjoy the time with your family and friends!

Our holiday party is coming up on January 4th.  I’ll send out a message with more specifics later this week.  Terry and Becky Havalka have been kind enough to allow us to use their home.  They live down in Littleton south of the Southwest Plaza.  Plan on coming, as it will be a lot of fun! 






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